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At Trailer Rebuilder Service, we're dedicated to providing quality work that's always guaranteed. Our services are performed on your site, and we are also a mobile service.  Below is a list of what services our mobile business can perform for you. We are based in South Arlington and service all of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and outside of DFW Area at customers request.  For more information, please call one of our professionals today!

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Preventive Maintenance
This includes PMs, DOT inspections, safety issues and basically any type of service on a trailer.

Chassis Checks
We lubricate all fittings, check the wheel fills and lube levels, check all u-bolts, check all springs, check torque arms and bushings, and tighten wheel lugs.

We check the front axle, rear axle, brake valve operations, air leaks, brake drums, airlines, drain air tanks, inspect coupler washers, check condition of s-cam bushings, check condition of slack adjusters, check sliding tandem rails and pins, and check alignment.

Rebuild Air Suspensions
We completely rebuild air suspensions at customers location.



Electrical Checks
This includes checking all lights, light plugs, all reflectors, and interior lights.

We check tire inflation and valve caps, check tire condition, check tire matching, and check tire rims.

Dolly Legs
We check landing gear operation, support legs and braces, sand shoes, and operating handles.


Back of Truck

Exterior Body
We inspect exterior panels, side posts, side rails, side doors, rear doors, door hardware, subframes, rear headers, rear door seals, rear bumpers, and check flaps and mounting.

Interior Body
We inspect flooring, lining, sidewalls, scuff bands, roofs for leaks, and roof bows.

We check kingpins for excessive wear, upper coupler plates, couplers for damage, registration and permits, state inspections, paint, and appearance.

Rail Lifts /Lift Gate
We will troubleshoot and make any necessary repairs.

our mobile business in Arlington, Texas, and we'll come to you for all your trailer repair and trailer maintenance needs, which includes services for brakes and electrical components.